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Network Design

ATI’s engineering design staff have many years experience in the design of robust communications networks. With backgrounds in Electrical, Telecommunication and Computer Systems Engineering, ATI have the experience and skill sets required to deliver high quality network designs. As part of the Network Design process ATI conducts a cost benefit analysis to ensure the most cost effective solution is proposed. ATI will make recommendations to modify or build infrastructure to provide the optimal solution.

ATI undertakes detailed link performance analysis including path and propagation predictions and interference analysis for data communications networks that can be fixed or wireless, licenced or non licenced, point to point radio, point to multipoint radio, customer owned networks or networks that are fully managed by ATI.

The level of experience ATI staff have in network and infrastructure design allows our Customers to be confident that all factors are considered prior to a network design being submitted for approval and implementation.

  • Site Surveys – undertaken to confirm the line of sight and any potential site installation issues such as tower, aperture, accommodation, power supply and earthing adequacy. ATI’s experienced engineering team ensures that site surveys occur quickly and accurately.
  • ACMA Licencing – preparation and submission of licence applications on behalf of Customers. ATI is accredited by the ACMA to directly issue licences.
  • Site Construction Designs – preparation of general armaments and construction drawings/instructions for establishment of sites and supporting infrastructure for microwave radio systems.
  • Link Design – detailed link performance analysis including path and propagation predictions and interference analysis.
  • Equipment Acquisition – ATI acquires all required equipment and conducts Factory  Acceptance Testing and Configuration (FATC) at our fully equipped laboratory facility.
  • Site Design – Detailed reports and drawings of civil and structural engineering, site layouts, elevation drawings, shelter layouts, AC power and earthing plans.
  • Installation Construction Design – preparation of detailed bills of materials and construction drawings/instructions for the deployment of microwave radio systems.


Installations and Commissioning

The installation and commissioning of communications networks, including supporting infrastructure (towers/shelters) and systems (multiplexing/networking) has been our core business for over twenty five years.

Our team are appropriately skilled and experienced to conduct high quality installations. First we determine all aspects of the installation including how and where the equipment will be installed on the site. We then conduct a comprehensive series of commissioning tests to ensure the services are delivered as specified to the satisfaction of the Customer and that all equipment is configured as required.

All ATI Staff are familiar with:

  • Communication site rigging and access
  • Wireless system installation and alignment
  • Higher layer networking systems and protocols

Project Management

ATI’s project management team will coordinate and schedule all tasks during the project.

ATI’s project managers are well versed in:

  • Project scheduling and reporting
  • Technical document and information management
  • Site access procedures
  • Work Health and Safety

 It is the responsibility of ATI’s project management team to coordinate and schedule all tasks defined on the project timeline. This includes identifying and managing risks and issues that have the potential to de-rail the project. During implementation, the project manager will be the single point of contact for our customers.  A formal “project update” will be provided in writing at the end of each working week and regular meetings will be held with all interest parties to maintain their involvement with the project. Informal communications via e-mail or phone will be conducted as necessary on a day to day basis.

Service Delivery

Once your project is complete, ATI’s project management team will manage the hand over and transition the service with you. ATI will provide a full set of As-built drawings and documentation. The complete handover documentation pack includes the following items:

  • Scope of the project including specific site information
  • Equipment details including IP addresses
  • Network diagram and photographs of the installation
  • Maintenance contract and fault reporting instructions

ATI believe these facilities demonstrate our commitment to the effective deployment and commissioning of networks and our ability to execute projects in a competent and professional manner. 

    Latest Projects & Case Studies

    ActewAGL Case Study

    ATI has been involved in multiple projects with ActewAGL, most notably the initial
    deployment of a then high capacity digital microwave network across the ACT.

    Murrumbidgee Council Case Study

    ATI’s proposal for the Microwave wide area network solution provides a cost effective solution, delivered by a team with extensive experience supporting Councils in Victoria and New South Wales.

    TAS Water Case Study

    ATI was engaged to design, supply, install and maintain the microwave radio network to connect the water corporations sites in Tasmania, and comply with the organisations requirements for 99.999% reliability.

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