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A trusted service company that has been around for over 29 years doesn’t just happen by accident.


Our Strengths




Why Trust ATI

ATI is extremely motivated to assist our Customers with their communications and infrastructure projects. ATI is a specialist not a general ICT supplier, we take the time to understand the needs of our customers  in order to provide supportable high capacity services in a way which provides continuity of services to users as well as a cost effective and safe deployment.

ATI’s commitment to quality and service differentiates us from our competitors and continues to be our driving force. ATI is confident we can deliver considered and robust microwave radio networks which will meet the needs of our Customers now and into the future.

Why Choose ATI


Australian Based

Being Australian owned and run, ATI has more than 29 years of experience and continues to offer our customers the benefits of design, supply, installation and support of digital microwave radio networks and their underlying power systems.

ATI maintains a high level of in country stock to ensure that almost every requirement for microwave systems or power supply systems can be satisfied ex-stock.


Fully Compliant For your Piece of Mind

All works undertaken by ATI are of the highest standard and will comply with the current Standards Association of Australia and all Work Health and Safety requirements.

In addition ATI maintains an established, fully equipped testing laboratory to conduct pre-deployment build and testing of all systems prior to deployment.


End to End Support

ATI’s engineering design staff have many years experience in the design of robust communications networks. With backgrounds in Electrical, Telecommunication and Computer Systems Engineering, ATI  conducts a cost benefit analysis to ensure the most cost effective solution is proposed. ATI will make recommendations to modify or build infrastructure to provide the optimal solution.

Upon successful delivery of the service, ATI’s project manager will manage the hand over and help the transition period, as well as offering maintenance support to allow efficient and timely resolution for any teething issues problem you may experience with the rollout.

Years Established

Completed Projects

“ActewAGL is a multi-utility company providing services to the ACT and surrounds. These services are critical to the community and require a high level of reliability.

To maintain this accessibility, ActewAGL employs a team of experts, and partners with leading companies to provide support.

ActewAGL works with ATI Australia, who provide our microwave radio systems including supply, maintenance and support. ATI Australia have provided excellent levels of service and support to ActewAGL for over 25 years. During this time, we have had limited issues with the equipment, and when there is an issue, ATI Australia are always quick to react and rectify the problem.


Let’s Build Something Together

Starting your next project has never been easier. Engage ATI to ensure a thorough end to end solution with our experienced engineers and project management team.

Where is ATI based?

From our main office and distribution base in Lane Cove NSW, we currently support all our service technicians and spare part warehouses around Australia.

What build services can ATI provide?

ATI Helps with everything from design, to implementation, to post build maintenance and management.

Specifically this can include:

  • System design,
  • Site builds
  • Equipment supply and installation including monopoles, towers, antennas and masts,
  • Commissioning of networks  
  • Project Management
  • Onsite Maintenance Support
  • CCTV Applications
  • IoT and Smart City applications
  • Telemetry Networks
  • Sensory Networks particularly for parking meters and booms gates.
What support services does ATI offer?

We offer different levels of support to meet our Customers individual and specific requirements. ATI support service consists of the following elements:

  • Real time system monitoring – ATI maintains a management system that allows ATI’s experienced technician’s immediate access to the status of our client radio systems and automated notification of potential faults.
  • 24 hour Maintenance Hotline – ATI maintains a 24 hour maintenance hotline that allows customers to report problems immediately to a qualified technician.
  • Locally Held Spare Parts – ATI holds a full complement of spare equipment locally. In the event that equipment repair is required, the turnaround time will be minimised.
  • Asset Management – ATI maintains an asset register that incorporates the whole system not just individual components. This is because the assets are co-dependent. We maintain up to date records detailing the maintenance and replacement or disposal of each asset in the system.
Is ATI on any Preferred Supplier Panels?

Yes! Here’s the list of Panels we’re currently on.

  • VendorPanel 
  • WALGA (West Australia Local Government Association)  
  • Energy  Queensland  –  Preferred Contractor Panel PCP 129 
  • Local Buy – Mainly a QLD supplier panel.
  • The Department of Premier and Cabinet in Victoria  
  • LGP – Local Government Procurement
  •  MAV – Municipal Association of Victoria
What locations can ATI service?

ATI installs, manages and maintains networks all over Australia, and abroad.

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