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Track Record

“all of the comments I have received about ATI have always been positive/pro ATI”
- Rodney, Toowoomba Regional Council.

The proposal we got from ATI was concise, it wasn't full of waffle, it had the right contents and specs that I needed and at a price that I wanted
I received a recommendation from other councils and people I know in the industry to talk to ATI for radio networks. ATI have always been put forward as a better company to deal with. ATI did very well across the whole experience. I got direct contact to their engineers which was also good
ATI was cheaper for the amount of bandwidth we could get. Their model of high installation costs and low ongoing costs was cheaper overall in the long run
ATI's proposals are very well thought through, no stone is left unturned
ATI have the right price, right equipment, and have maintenance people in our area who provide same day service which is always very reasonably priced
We chose ATI mainly due to cost savings - their deal was far superior. We had fibre solutions offered by major ISP's but with ATI we knew that even factoring in the upfront cost of a microwave solution we would easily be ahead after 5 years. And it has gone very well. If all our suppliers were as good as ATI we wouldn't have much drama to worry about at all
ATI is a supplier we rely on and get good service from. Their support is perfect - no news is good news
ATI met my expectations in a superior way regarding their time management, ability to reach a quality outcome and cost, I would recommend ATI for future projects, they have provided excellent service.
We chose ATI based on price, quality and past experience. We had to urgently relocate a radio link to a hospital just before Christmas and ATI could do it within 2 weeks which was impressive
ATI's ability to deal with local council is a stand out advantage regarding getting access to certain areas and negotiating lease agreements with councils. ATI see it as their job to manage and took care of these things which was brilliant
I love the fact that they (ATI) are an honest company as this means I never have to be on guard that I am getting sold the wrong info or equipment. ATI people are always available to talk to, they never said no to anything we asked for even if its outside of their scope or responsibilities they are always up front and helpful.
When we ask other universities about microwave network providers ATI is the reference all the time. The people at ATI have shown to be proficient and efficient in their work with our university
The original roll out with ATI was just great and they continue to be competitive with new projects. ATI are very helpful and well organised
ATI have done an exceptional job in delivering the WAN for this council. They are a very professional organisation and a pleasure to do business with, I can thoroughly recommend their services
ATI was consistently good across the board. And very good references about ATI came from other organisations too. In fact all of the comments I have received about ATI have always been positive/pro ATI
ARTC have used ATI for the last nine years. We have completed a large number of Microwave installations across Australia. We currently have permanent links under maintenance agreements. We have had emergencies where ATI were onsite and repaired the faults in under the SLA’s time frame. ATI is ARTC’s primary vendor for all Microwave installations from the Technology and Infrastructure Team. We look forward to using ATI for ongoing maintenance and future Microwave installations
ATI have proved a very reliable supplier and have executed their work to a high standard and in a timely manner
ATI brought a willingness to be flexible about the arrangement and that was refreshing after talking to the big ISP's. ATI are more nimble, and are quite happy to amend things in the contract and consider different ways of doing things to get a win-win approach. It was never like that with the big ISP's