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How we deliver networks that go further

ATI Australia has been building point to point networks for 22 years. We specialise in building and maintaining microwave radio networks (‘radio links’). Our customers usually save significant money by building and owning their network instead of starting an ongoing lease plan with a large telecommunications carrier. Our microwave networks can be set up almost anywhere (including remote areas), and deliver uncontended data speeds of typically 50Mbps to 5Gbps.

Longer reach

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  • Building networks in the air rather than on the ground can take your network further:
    • Extend traditional terrestrial networks where they are needed
    • Overcome Obstacles presented by: access, geography, water, environment
    ATI delivers high speed networks where traditional services are limited or unavailable.

Higher capacity

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  • ADSL2+ broadband is on average 7Mbps (Megabits per second) download speed in Australia. Need 50Mbps? 100? Or even 5000? (5Gbps). ATI can deliver whatever you want (up to 10Gbps). After all it’s your network and you need to control data transfer speed in line with your business needs. It just comes down to your requirement and budget.

Faster deployment

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  • ATI networks transfer your data through the air instead of through the ground. This means no digging and no annoying terrestrial hindrances causing long delays to your network completion time.

Lower cost

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  • In many areas of Australia, speed, latency or cost of telecommunications services can be crippling to business. ATI adds value by delivering the wide area networking services needed, at a price than makes sense. Our customers see returns from their network not only for the next twelve months, but for the next twelve years.

If you need to move data across multiple locations ATI Australia is optimally positioned as our country’s number one business grade point-to-point network provider. Click here to see our track record.

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