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Specialist engineering services

Solutions to some of the most complicated network projects in Australia


Do you have a large scale, complicated network build, extension or repair at hand and need genuine specialist advice for one or more parts of the project in order to get it done right the first time? Many organisations in the communications industry declare their specialist expertise. At ATI we can demonstrate real expertise rather than simply talk about it. Our engineers are truly best of breed when it comes to designing, specifying or advising corporations on their unique network challenges. We have engineered solutions to some of the most complicated and largest communications network projects in Australia. Our customers include organisations such as Ergon Energy, the Bureau of Meteorology, Deakin University, NSW Transport and Australian Customs.

ATI has often been called in to undo and redo networks that have been poorly designed or implemented by other organisations. This is where our specialist engineering team come into their own – 22 years of deep and specialist experience in the private communications network space.

We demonstrate to all of our customers the importance of measuring the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their network and how to correctly and objectively measure it. This process allows us to be demonstrate a truly customer centric proposition – your goals met at the lowest available TCO.

Perhaps for you need a preliminary network specification that you can use as a blueprint for communicating to suppliers for project implementation and accountability? Whatever assistance you need we are Australia’s true private communications network specialist organisation. Our ultimate goal is a quality well designed project that meets your needs in the most cost effective way – we will implement whatever task or technology that allows us to get there.