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Hardware supply

Eliminate the high cost of sourcing unfitting equipment

General network equipment Comms site power supply equipment


General network equipment

ÁTI has been supplying wireless telecommunications hardware since 1992 giving us experience with many of the most popular products on the market. We have suppled installed and supported many brands of hardware. This degree of experience with most major brands allows us the important professional capacity to be truly customer centric in our equipment specifications. Our networks are designed and specified to perform strongly for our customers and for many years. If it is a large scale carrier grade solution or a small scale simple point-to-point network, our engineers have the right intellectual property to specify an optimal product at the lowest available cost.

Microwave radio hardware:
Some of the common brands that we supply and support include Ceragon, Bridgewave, Proxim, Siae, Ericson and Alverion, Radwin.

Supporting network infrastructure:
Cisco, Rad, Eltek, Sinopoly, Lithium Balance, MPP Solar.

There are thousands of parts available each with their own compatibilities. For example ATI has antennas in stock ranging from 300mm to 15 feet, each brand with its own mechanical interface method. We are always custom ordering new combinations of hardware for our customers. Our engineers have the prior knowledge that allows them to choose wisely, cut down your equipment sourcing time, and eliminate the high cost of incorrect equipment sourcing. Our engineers have genuine depth and breadth of knowledge that allows them to guide you to the specific part that’s right for your application.

Comms site power supply equipment

Around 80% of our non-routine maintenance calls are due to power grid failure – your autonomy plan is important. If you want your network engineered properly with a long term view to network reliability ATI understands the variables that are less obvious and can provide suitable advice accordingly.

We can design and supply a variety of power supply system options depending on factors such as:

1. What power draw your network requires
2. The availability of mains supply
3. The feasibility of generator supply
4. The suitability of a solar systems: degree of sun exposure, the size and type of batteries (lead acid, lithium iron, gel led acid, flooded led acid). And how much you need to discharge each one and how often.
5. How much autonomy is sufficient when you have an issue such as loss of mains power or if for example a fuse is blown on a solar system.
6. Your budget
7. Your protection/diversity plan
8. If you prefer a recurring or capital expenditure cost structure