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Will ATI warrant the performance of the solution once it is installed?
Yes, only by fully understanding the complete system design and the equipment’s engineering limitations can the end to end solution performance be predicted. With many decades of network and RF engineering experience ATI provides detailed designs and warrants solution performance.

When the equipment fails who will fix it, how and when?
High bandwidth services typically carry critical data and require focused timely online support. ATI offers tailored support services including 24/7 response time that include access to spares pools.

What capacity can I get with microwave radio?
A microwave link typically provides a point to point solution carrying uncontended data between two target locations such as office buildings or school campuses. Microwave is an extremely cost effective solution for high bandwidth requirements from 2 Mbit/sec to 10 or more Gigabit/sec.

Am I allowed to own a microwave link if I am not a carrier (ISP)?
Yes, if you only carry your own organisations voice/data. ATI also owns a ‘carrier’ business called GigaNet.

How do I know ATI is offering an optimal solution for my business?
ATI offers either microwave radio or fibre technology depending on your unique circumstances. Plus we offer Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparisons so you can see for yourself how the best solution can be reached. ATI also offers a complete selection of “best of breed” products from a wide selection of world renowned manufacturers. We ensure that you can select from all these options and not a limited set of products from a single manufacturer.