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ATI 360 – Total Communications Infrastructure Management

Reduce risk, find revenue

ATI employees have been working in and around communications sites and the surrounding infrastructure for the last 22 years. We build structures to bolt things to, create right of way over properties and road ways and access towers on a regular basis. Of course we are not the only ones working in these spaces, in fact communications sites are being regularly trafficked by all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons:

• Land, roadway and building owners
• Tower and building owners
• Equipment shelter owners
• Transmission equipment owners
• General members of the public (illegal entry)

Alarmingly, quite often we come across communications infrastructure that is being used by multiple people and the owner is not even aware of it. These people have the potential to interfere with equipment, perform work inappropriately, and expose the equipment owner to risk. It is not uncommon for ATI staff to come across disconcerting scenarios on site such as climbing systems that are out of certification, heavily neglected and corroded equipment or evidence of uncertified access.

So who’s really responsible? Property services managers are typically responsible for the communications tower and equipment mounted on the roof of a building. Our common observation is that usually these people do not normally have the training or willingness to manage rooftop assets and often turn a blind eye or ‘never get around to it’. The resultant inaction exposes the building/asset owner from a safety and litigation point of view and can also result in reduced (strata) income if it means the rooftop is never monetised to its fullest capacity. This is why we created ATI 360 – Total Communications Infrastructure Management. This new service allows our customers to fully outsource the management of all of their rooftop or tower communications infrastructure.

Our process is to start with a benchmark (HSE) site audit which allows us to then make objective recommendations as to how to manage future access and site usage. ATI can then take ownership of the identified issues. Some of the areas we look at include:

• System compliance auditing – age, currency, condition, suitability, damage, last inspection date.
• Correct site access management with a proper site sharing agreement
• Inspecting for overloading of the tower
• Controlling potential radiation hazards by maintaining and publishing a radiation handbook
• Keeping a radio communications facility management booklet up to date
• ACMA licencing obligations
• Fall arrest system certification
• Power system management (can include mains, battery, generator or solar)
• Maintaining Information that must be must be publicly accessible such as the radio communications facility management booklet.
• Comparison of the information in the national site radiation archive

By outsourcing these responsibilities to ATI you can be confident that:

1. The site is being managed in a more cost effective way and to Australian standards.
2. All revenue creating opportunities from the site have been explored and actioned.